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My very first strange object I ever took  was a picture of was Giant Coke Can in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba in 1998.  Since 2001, I have been taking pictures of different objects and statues.  I now have over 1,500 pictures from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan Manitoba  and even a few from Ontario,  Quebec and USA.  The Giant Coffee Pot in Davidson was very first object that I took a picture of in Saskatchewan in June 2001.   

Overtime I have used several internet sites to help locate the many of the different attractions.  These is include  and (No longer up)/  However, every time I take a trip to find some of them I Phaveproblems finding some of the objects.  I don't have the exact location of the statues. Yes, the object is in this town or city, but where?  I sometimes spend an hour or two trying to find it, but end up not finding it.  The next time I go to that town or city I find it in less then 15 min. Some I have yet to find.  I also always seem to find other objects I did not know about.  That is what make the trips fun!

So, in June 2009 I started to build a web page.  By October 2009 I had 50 pictures in a photo gallery. I created this site to include the street locations so other people will able to find the statues or objects.  In 2009 I also started taking pictures of the different water towers.  I am from Saskatchewan have over 450 pictures from Saskatchewan alone.  My site includes water tower pictures from Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba right now.  I have only 1 Water Towers from British Columbia right now.  

Since, the fall of 2011 I have been adding pictures from Alberta. In 2012 I started adding pictures from Quebec in June and Manitoba in October. In October 2013 my first pictures from British Columbia were added.  My goal is to include pictures from all 4 Western provinces in Canada.  I know this list will never be completed as new roadside objects are being made all the time. Other objects are being removed due to damage or other reasons. This is part of the fun of trying to find all the roadside objects.  It also great way of seeing this great country of Canada!!. 

In  September 2018 I moved the site from to This was modernizing and update the look of my web page. Pictures from all 4 Western Provinces will still be included. Quebec will not be included at time. I don't when I will get back to Quebec.

I have included only the following 8 items on this web page.  However, there may be exceptions

eg. Lighthouse in Cochin, Sylvan Lake etc.

1. Statues of Animals, Fish, Birds, Insects, and plants 

2. Statues of People real or make-believe

3. Giant Food Items

4. Giant Objects

5. Miniature Buildings 

6. Vehicles and Planes on Poles

7. Totems Poles

8. Water Towers 

(They may be real or make-believe. Murals, and regular-sized painted fire hydrants, painted power boxes etc. are not included in this web page.) 

Starting in December 2013 slides with 2 more pictures of the same objects are included.  Here are those Guidelines

A. Any objects/water towers that have changed colour, all colour changes are included.

B. Any object that is different on the other side has 2 pictures showing both slides.

C. Any objects that have moved has pictures in both locations.

D. Any objects that was replaced by a similar object in the same location has including pictures 




I would like to thank the following people who have help with the picture on the my Web Page

Wendalynn Donnan my beautiful wife  - Thanks for helping me find many of the picture as we drive around this wounderful country to visit family, or holidays.  And for letting me take these weekend trips to find many more pictures.

Ed Soloka of Subury- If not for his web page I may be not have started my own.   I have found many more attractions while trying to find the ones on his web page. Sadly he past away in December 2015, but someone else took over his webpage. 

Lorraine Hirning from Kelowna.  She helped me with information on most of the pictures from Edmonton and Depression Pete from Legal, AB.  She also sent me a picture of the Doors to Opportunity in Yorkton.  

James Ried from Saskatoon - He has pictures of 300 different attractions in Saskatchewan. He helped me with information a dozen attractions around Saskatchewan. I have included 7 of his pictures that are no longer around - Polar Bear - Cabri, SK, Golf Ball - Love, Tin Man - Love,  Wheat Stocks - Landis SK, Coal Cart - Mantoka, Sk, (By the time I got to these town they were no longer up.)

Debbie Mayer from Calgary - Thank to cousin for sending me a picture of Kamsack - Orange & White Water Tower.   I have seen this water tower many time, but never bothered to take a picture of it.  This Kamsask water towers now just painted white.

Thanks to Karen Brankare for information on statues in Red Deer as part of the Ghost Sculptures.  I was able to find all, but one on May 31, 2013 on my way to Calgary. for the originator white colour of Railway Water tower.  It was repainted in 2008.

Sam Beukardt from Waldheim.  Thank to my friend for sending 2 picture Baseball Bat in Battleford and  Ceyton - Insunik, SK - for original colours of Rosetown, SK (orange)and Sturgis, SK (red) Water Towers.  Both Water Towers are now painted Roughrider Green. Water Towers from Brandon.

 Peter Whittaker. I have included his picture of Buffalo from Swift Current, SK since it is no longer up.

Bob Brown & Kendra Carey reporters pictures about T-Rex in a Tux, and  Ankylosaurus being damaged in January 2016

James A. Edgar web page was used to include 3  Melville Silhouettes pictures I misssed from Melville 1. Cowboy, Horse & Grave, 2. Bush. 3. Senior & Child