Drumheller - Smileasaurus

Drumheller - Smileasaurus

I love  to travel around  North American and take pictures of objects & nature.  These  pictures are from the many of places I have travel to.  Go to rickrider49 to see my collection of over 220 waterfalls.  Each Western Province is divided in 2 or 6 galleries .  Scroll down to see more galleries and pictures.  Thre are over 13,00 pictures up.

Richard Donnan

Honeybee - Tisdale , SK

Honey Bee - Tisdale.   I live in Tisdale, Sk for first 20 years of the my life.

A collection of statues, giant objects and water towers found throughout Western Canada.  I spent my first 20 years living in Tisdale, SK.  Tisdale a town of only 3,200 people, but it used to produce 10% of all of Canada's Honey.

Dauphin Statue - Waldheim, SK


My wife Wendalynn & I have been living in Waldheim since November 2008. This an example of some of the strange statues around Canada.  No Dauphins live in Saskatchewan.

New pictures added each month.

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